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MLB: The sky's the limit?

Posted on: April 27, 2010 7:10 pm
Ryan Howard. $125 MILLION dollar extension. Wow.

Im sure you've all heard the news by now, as it's being featured on every sports site imaginable. Holy cow. That is a ton of money, and it is going to make for some interesting negotiations in the future for other team superstars. Pujols and Fielder now have a basis to ask for a ton of money, even if the GMs had different ideas for the future paychecks of their franchise players. Which leads to the question that everyone is asking...

...Where does it end? If Ryan Howard is worth $25 million a year, but gets beat out in important statistical categories by the other two, how much more can these other superstar first basemen ask for to satisfy their level of talent? This has been a perennial problem in the MLB with notorious repeat offenders like the Yankees, Phillies, Mets, Red Sox, and other teams with huge payrolls. There has to come a time where owners need to practice their Price is Right skills and say "That's Too Much!" and refuse to  spend until the cows come home. Yes, some players will walk without the check...but they wont walk very far if there is no market that can "afford" them. Im not saying Ryan doesnt deserve the money, he's been a huge part of the Phillies offense. All Im saying is that the ceiling for growing asking prices is nowhere in sight and not even construction.

So what are some probable solutions? There could be MLB legislation that requires a salary cap like other sports, but that can of worms would most likely do more harm than good, as it would set many high paid players adrift with no team with room for them on the payroll...unless they were to all play for the Pirates or something. So it appears that the salaries will keep growing as long as fans are attending...I guess some teams will have to rename their franchise as they lose expensive players and keep the sole moneymaking player with the huge contract. Enter the world of the Philadelphia Ryan Howards or the St Louis Pujols'.

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