Posted on: April 27, 2010 7:10 pm

MLB: The sky's the limit?

Ryan Howard. $125 MILLION dollar extension. Wow.

Im sure you've all heard the news by now, as it's being featured on every sports site imaginable. Holy cow. That is a ton of money, and it is going to make for some interesting negotiations in the future for other team superstars. Pujols and Fielder now have a basis to ask for a ton of money, even if the GMs had different ideas for the future paychecks of their franchise players. Which leads to the question that everyone is asking...

...Where does it end? If Ryan Howard is worth $25 million a year, but gets beat out in important statistical categories by the other two, how much more can these other superstar first basemen ask for to satisfy their level of talent? This has been a perennial problem in the MLB with notorious repeat offenders like the Yankees, Phillies, Mets, Red Sox, and other teams with huge payrolls. There has to come a time where owners need to practice their Price is Right skills and say "That's Too Much!" and refuse to  spend until the cows come home. Yes, some players will walk without the check...but they wont walk very far if there is no market that can "afford" them. Im not saying Ryan doesnt deserve the money, he's been a huge part of the Phillies offense. All Im saying is that the ceiling for growing asking prices is nowhere in sight and not even construction.

So what are some probable solutions? There could be MLB legislation that requires a salary cap like other sports, but that can of worms would most likely do more harm than good, as it would set many high paid players adrift with no team with room for them on the payroll...unless they were to all play for the Pirates or something. So it appears that the salaries will keep growing as long as fans are attending...I guess some teams will have to rename their franchise as they lose expensive players and keep the sole moneymaking player with the huge contract. Enter the world of the Philadelphia Ryan Howards or the St Louis Pujols'.

Posted on: May 29, 2009 10:29 pm

Bullpen woes: Philadelphia.

The bullpen of the Phillies. Its the biggest joke in the major leagues aside from the Nationals record. They have allowed the most homeruns thus far, have one of the highest ERAs for starting pitching combined, their closer is living in the shadow of his past greatness, and to cap it all off 2 starters have slipped away from the rotation (Park because he was just awful, and Myers due to injury).

So the question here is, how do you solve this mess of a bullpen?

Is it safer to rely on the pitchers in the minor league teams of the organization? or should the Phils try and assemble a trading package to gain a starter (or 2) and attract a trade from other teams?

I personally dont know what to do about the situation. I dont know who the Phillies could possibly end up trading to end up with improvement in the bullpen. Im sure these things will figure themselves out eventually, but in the moment its definitely frustrating to be a fan of a team that just cant seem to keep it together on the mound.

As for the closer, Brad Lidge, hes been on and off as of late. Probably because our fans expect so much of him after his perfect 48/48 in saves last year, any runs scored while he's pitching are deemed "unacceptable". I feel that he still needs to be given a chance, as it is too early to give up on our closer in May. He has a few blown saves, but he got the save tonight, and I feel that he's regaining his confidence, and his slider is getting its kick back.

So clearly there are some pluses and minuses...I will always havee phaith in the Phillies, but the problems involving starting pitching need to be addressed as soon as possible. I do believe Brad Lidge will have a stellar season from here on out, so its up to the organization to decide the best course of action, and do it quickly.

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Posted on: January 18, 2009 12:19 am

I'll take 'you just got owned for $400'


College basketball...

What is Pitt?


In a fantastic display of college hoops, Pitt got owned by the once "overrated" Louisville.

They are an the hard games, but lose the easy ones? Come on now.


Steve Spags hired as Rams coach, how tender.

Super Bowl champs, imo...

lol jk.


Cards/Iggles game this week. Promises to be interesting because we have 2 teams that have completely turned around since their last meeting! Quality football is on its way, that I can promise you.

IN ADDITION: How about Michigan State, Syracuse, and Wake Forest. All of them are doin things in the NCAA. Lets keep an eye on some if the key teams in the tourney, shall we.

AND NOW SOMETHING SPECIAL: A plead for readers/posters

Dear reader,

I know you look at this blog. Please leave comment discussing what youd like to see in the future and help guide the ship that is this blog.

It'll be more fun for us both, I swear.

I mean, it could be much could be reading Mike Freeman's blog! The man who never graduated from college and lied on a job application. Thats some reliable commentary if you ask me.

Until next time, my friends

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Posted on: January 5, 2009 12:05 am

Keepin dey creepers off dey streets.

Well my friends, the Iggles got it done today, beating the Vikings 26-14. And with every win, we keep one more creeper off the streets. With the Colts losing, the streets became more dangerous in Indianapolis as coach Tony Dungy had this to say...

Tony Dungy: "...I want to go out and get more hands on with the young men out there..."

Well isnt that friendly.

In other news:

lets talk about race and coaching. This is a very touchy topic for some, but here I am to tell it like it is.

Why does it matter if there are a certain number of black or white coaches? In all seriousness. Race should have nothing to do with how hirings are conducted. I believe there should be equal opportunity, but it makes no sense to have rules that require having a minimum number of coaches of a certain race.

When organizations hire coaches, they are in search of the most talented people that best fit their program. I doubt that teams would refrain from hiring a coach because he is black or white or whatever.

This is a perfect example of a non-issue becoming an issue. Im surprised some CBS  bloggers havent already written a ridiculous post regarding this very subject (5 bonus stars if you know who Im talking about).

Im all for hiring the most talented people regardless of race, but putting minimum requirements is sort of wacky to me.

discuss, minions!
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Posted on: January 3, 2009 3:19 am



By now we've all heard that Utah should share the National Championship with the winner of Oklahoma/Florida.

What do I say?

Sure, why not.

Here we have a perfect 13-0 team who beat TCU, BYU, Oregon State, and the mighty Alabama. These are quality wins over quality teams (certainly with Bama being #1 for what seemed like forever), yet some people feel the need to deny this team of what they have earned.

I do realize they arent in the "title game", which to some people disqualifies them from "the title", but how can we overlook at a team with this record and with these wins?

The BCS has proven itself to be a dying system ever since the beginning (I'll spare you the details, we all know 'em), and it is a system that doesnt reward the true winners, the true champions.

Congratulations to Utah...even though you wont win the title in the eyes of the BCS, you've earned it in the eyes of the people

Feel free to respectfully debate, this issue has everyone up in arms.
Posted on: January 1, 2009 9:02 pm

Fireside chats: Featuring Pete Carroll.

I would love to see this guy outside of the media spotlight.

really...imagine being his brother. I would love to hear him go off about how Penn State didn't really have a shot in this game. USC beats the Big 10 by an average of like 28 points every single time. While I realize Penn State had a season for the records books, you have to take into account the speed and dominance that USC team possesses. Some people may point to USC's loss to Oregon St, but lets point to the Big 10 as a conference. They are on the doorstep of going 1-5 in bowl games (all depending on Ohio St), and they are not nationally respected as having power teams. Now we have the Pac 10, the unstoppable force in the country right behind the Big 12 and SEC. They are undefeated when it matters; aka bowl games.

So lets see why I said Penn State would lose to USC. First of all, check out USC destroying Ohio State. Lets not kid ourselves, this was the precursor for what was to come this new year. Everyone knew that it was a toss up between Ohio St and Penn St for the Big 10 title, and after USC crushed Ohio State thats when I realized the Big 10 was doomed. The Big 10 has some interesting conference matchups, but thats about it. We have good teams in our own respect, but the talent doesnt extend to bowl games.

But back to Pete Carroll. This man probably knew that his team was unstoppable (he even said it after the game, whoops) but had to put on the face of equality for the media. Sigh, the things one must do to avoid controversy.

feel free to share your thoughts, respectfully.

best regards,

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